Site Changes - Back to the old, now with comments

Posted on March 21, 2022
Tags: blogging

Tim Lavoie

Not dead yet, may be a boomerang

Well… I had messed with Coleslaw for a fair while, and while it had lots of features I liked, I also didn’t like some of the other design aspects that seemed fundamentally buggy to me. So, back to Hakyll it is. Hakyll does a lot of things very well indeed, and once configured, just keeps working.

Maybe I’ll even start trying to use the platform, rather than simply messing with it.

Not that I’ll stop messing with anything of course. In this case, I’ve come across a comment system that should work fine with this mainly-static site. Isso is also self-hosted, so there is no dependency to social media for comments, and posts now should all have a comment section at the bottom if viewing in a desktop or mobile browser.

The program does depend on the browser having JavaScript enabled, again just from here. That could help some with spam too I suppose, though at the cost of not having comments directly available from the page’s normal rendering (and any wandering search engines). If I ever thought that it mattered though, I could easily export the data and render it myself for a permalink. That’s probably the most useful aspect of self-hosting, because you retain your own data.

I have no idea if it’ll be problematic for spam or anything, so I’m starting off with moderation required. Also, email addresses, while not used as such, should at least let me reach out to someone if there’s a question. If the comment platform turns out to be problematic, it will be fairly surgical to excise it from the rest, and then maybe give me an excuse to reimplement something. Or not, I suppose.