Offloading the 100DaysToOffload

Posted on February 26, 2021

Tim Lavoie

tl;dr: It’s all about the balance

So, I definitely like the idea. Really, writing is one of those things that we should all do more, and don’t.

There are a few things we should all do more, so you have to figure out where to spend that time. Lately, we’ve been making a point of walking together, with a goal of 1000 km in a year. We need the exercise, so do the dogs, and it’s together-time.

For blogging, I think the balance is to spend more time per post, possibly excluding this one. I like to add, tweak, revise and revisit for quite a while before I’m comfortable pushing it out to the outside world. That doesn’t fit quite as well with an arbitrary goal that is posting something every three days. If I want to post some pithy, off-the-cuff snark, there’s always Twitter.

That said… there is stuff I want to do, and discuss. Please keep checking in!

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