It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Posted on December 29, 2020
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Tim Lavoie

… and I’ve been summoned

I shouldn’t really complain about the weather. I mean, I’m from the prairies, so I know what winter can be like. Most of the time, there is no shovel involved. It doesn’t hurt our faces to go outside, and even if we’re outside for a long time, nothing is at risk of falling off. Anyway, here we are.

It was a dark and stormy night. It still is, but it was then too.

Most people here have a wood stove, because hydro can get expensive, and a roaring fire is nice. Today is the sort of day, and evening, where a good fire and a hot bowl of soup is pretty much all you want in life.

And it still would be, unless you’ve been lying in front of the fire all day already, and you’re these two:

Odin and Pekoe

That’s Pekoe on the right. According to the SPCA, she’s (probably) a shepherd-husky cross, as her mom seemed to be when they were all found together. We suspect a bit of border collie in there too, perhaps that absent father figure. She’s great-tempered, energetic, and wicked smart.

To our left is Odin, Pekoe’s main side-kick. If he isn’t stuck to one of us on the couch, he’s stuck to her. Both, if at all possible.

There’s a routine at our island paradise. Expectations, in fact, and a stern talking-to if you’re not meeting them. More specifically, if I’m not meeting them.

Their preferred existence would involve 3-5 outings per day, for a couple or more hours each time. My working from home is nothing new to them; all it means is that I’m pretty much always here, and most of that time, I’m doing NOTHING.

So, the routine. They’re usually stuck with a piddling single outing per day. We’ll ignore their 24/7 access to five acres of yard and bush and forest, because it doesn’t count.

Sometimes we can take them out during the work day, or Theresa could be out with a friend and take them along. Assuming nothing fun has happened during the day, there is their dinner, our dinner, and watching TV. (WHAT?) No, that’s just lame humans watching TV, when the laggards could be taking the dogs out.

They may not be reading the clock, but they sure as hell know when it’s time for their default outing. This time of year, sunset is before 4:30, so post-work walks tend to be dark. Dark walks are usually just the dogs and I.

I don’t usually mind, as I could use the walk too. Some times though, I’d be happy to be a chill slug at home. This evening was a great example:

  • wind: 35 km/h
  • temp: +3C
  • rain

Pissy, blustery, and cold, the wet kind.

They. Don’t. Care.

Odin’s huffing at me in my office, and Pekoe shows up to poke me in the leg until I give in. Nope, we’re headed out. Yaaaaaay!

We’re off to stroll around in the dark, while the cell tower’s guy wires sing their haunted house moans in the wind. Pekoe and Odin sniff all the spots they did yesterday, and add their p-mail for their unseen canine friends.

Good and wet, they return for the Towel Ritual, which is apparently way too much fun.

Note: This is post #7 for #100DaysToOffload.