Iron March breach - FashyLeaks

Posted on November 9, 2019
Tags: nazis alt-right fashyleaks

Tim Lavoie

The first step to finding cockroaches is to turn on a light.

Here, the cockroaches in question are the neo-fascist lunatics from the now-passed Iron March site, which apparently went off-line a couple years ago.

What is interesting now is that the entire forum database has appeared online. Not only can you download and query the entire database, but the uploader was kind enough to include convenient CSV-format versions of the tables. That means you can browse away with a handy spreadsheet app of your choice.

You can inspect to your heart’s content, and see what these guys are up to, along with whatever IP addresses and email addresses were used at the time. Sure, they could have all gone through Tor, and used reasonable hosting, but odds are there are some tidbits to be found. At the very least, this exposes in great detail the kind of frothing evil they choose to sputter in what must have seemed like nice, dark corners of the internet to them at the time.

This Bellingcat article is a great place to start:

The CSV files are probably what most people would choose to use to browse the contents, so I’ve taken the liberty of zipping them up separately. That way, you don’t need to run bittorrent, and the download is much smaller. (However, I encourage you to grab the whole thing if you’re interested in database-querying convenience.)

The zip file is only about 40 MB, here.

I might get around to creating a searchable web version of the whole thing, but haven’t yet. The Bellingcat link above talks about how to find the most interesting bits though, so the data here should be sufficient for now.