Look for dinner, find old blog posts (and then make dinner)

Posted on December 16, 2018
Tags: site food cooking

Tim Lavoie

So, I had to decide what to make for dinner tonight, after the power was out for fifteen consecutive hours. I’d had the generator keeping important refrigeration going, along with charging a few devices I might want charged, but had no interest in cooking until the lights came back on.

Stew sounds good, especially the recipe I’d come up with ages ago. Problem is, the recipe had only been stored up on this site, with a different hosting provider. When they had had a catastrophic failure, (and me without a proper backup, cough), I thought it was all gone. I was getting hungry dammit, and now I wanted something in particular. Surely I have some copy, in some random backup somewhere?

Well I didn’t, but archive.org did! At least, it’s the rendered version of the site, and then as now, I’m just using simple Markdown-format plain text for the input source. So, I’ve got my recipe back, and while I was at it, I recaptured almost all of the old posts; one needs more work, since I can’t / shouldn’t crawl archive.org to get several hundred pictures and the files that point to them. The pics at least I do have elsewhere.

Truly, there is something to be said for simplistic data formats, where the smarts of the program processing them does all the work. Even if that one program disappears, there are many other implementations like it that could repurpose the same data.

Oh, and yeah… back that shit up. It only takes a sec.