SNAFU, or how to get kick-started to begin again

Posted on December 12, 2017
Tags: site

Tim Lavoie

You know how sometimes, you want to take a fresh look at things, but can’t get around to doing it? Well, it’s easier to get up to it when a catastrophic failure blows it all away.

The old hosting provider had some sort of mass, multi-system hardware failure a little while back, and it’s taken them ages to get things sorted out. VPS instances (of which this was one) were at the end of the list of things to try and restore, so I’ve just gone and rebuilt elsewhere. I hadn’t worried much about backups, since none of it was really critical, so change is the order of the day.

This site’s moved back to the previous hosting provider, with basically everything happening from scratch. Maybe a nuisance in some ways, but welcome in others.