Back From Distraction

Posted on September 24, 2014
Tags: home moving Quadra

Tim Lavoie
Sunrise from home

As I mentioned some time back, I want to get (or keep) my hands dirty with things that interest me. Well, things have been interesting to be sure, and much has been accomplished. Not the technical things I had in mind, but so, so much else.

What started as mere whimsy became a goal, one that my dear wife and I decided we should try. We’d thought about retiring some day in a little patch of paradise, where we could focus energies on positive things like living well. Pleasant, active lifestyle, great scenery and all that. The thought morphed into, “Hm. Do we have to wait?” The short answer, is certainly not! The longer answer is that it’s very much the slog you might expect, but keep it up if you’re motivated.

Yeah, we’ve done it; from almost the precise longitudinal centre of Canada, we have traversed ourselves, kids, pets and home to the far left coast. We have our lovely house, and a few acres of forest, frogs and fowl. Is it for everyone? Hell no, but it works for us. New people to meet, and a great place for long-suffering friends and family to come visit. Now, lots of things have been challenging, but that’s life. If you find something worth doing, you sometimes have to go all out: do your homework, prepare as much as possible, and then jump with both feet.